New Poster! + subtitles/closed captions!

Be My Cat has a new poster thanks to POV Horror LLC, our new distributor, and is going to be available very soon on iTunes, Google Play, Hulu and many more VOD platforms!

be my cat jpg poster

We’ve also added subtitles / closed captions to Vimeo and Amazon, so now you can enjoy the movie no matter the hearing loss or ability to understand spoken English. We’re sorry for doing this so late. If you bought the movie, you can now re-watch or re-download it with subtitles / closed captions. If you only rented it in the past without subtitles, send me an email at and I’m gonna offer you a code to rent or buy it at a quarter of the price (meaning $0.99 rent and $2.49 buy). Please don’t abuse this offer, request if only if you have hearing loss or difficulties in understanding spoken English that stopped from fully understanding the movie the fist time.

If you have an active Amazon account, please leave your review there, to help the movie reach a bigger audience. Thanks a lot!