Latest updates on We Put the World to Sleep!

Update #24 (June 16, 2021): We Put the World to Sleep‘s team grew bigger! Eli Griffen is our new executive producer, Marcel (anonymous), Brian Trevor Jones, Mine Yücel & Haydar Yücel are our new associate producers, and Thomas (anonymous), Denis Ariel & Radu-Andrei Horghidan are our new patreon producers! Check out the full cast & crew on the official site and IMDb! Anyone can join the team by supporting the movie via or bank account. If interested in contributing, please contact us for details. Multiple other cool perks await you!

Update #23 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “We’ve just finished shooting the last scenes in We Put the World to Sleep. Duru was magnificent! Incredible performance! And I have no words to describe what we shot without spoiling it. We deviated from the script during a super long sustained impro of over 17 hours (began at 11am, ended at 5am next day). This weekend we might still shoot some extra scenes, and on Monday I begin editing!

Update #22 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “Both Duru and I are genuinely creeped out about a certain room we arranged in a certain way for We Put the World to Sleep. When I was in character the past days, I loved being inside. But today I took a break and it gives me creeps just when passing in front of the door. As preparation for the role, I was thinking that I’d have to sleep inside for a couple of nights. But one was more than enough to get into the character! I’m warning you, I won’t be responsible if anything happens to you as a result of watching this movie when available.

Update #21 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “Yesterday with the help of Duru I got inspired and came up with a very cool beginning and ending for We Put the World to Sleep! I wasn’t fully satisfied with what I had before and now I am. 😎 One day of shootings left, can’t wait to begin editing the film!

Update #20 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “About to wrap shootings for today. Remember I was saying yesterday I did the creepiest thing ever? Well, today I’ve outran my own record. And there are still a couple of days of shootings left where things will get even creepier! You’re in for a real treat in We Put the World to Sleep.

Update #19 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “The set design I finished today for the last scenes in We Put the World to Sleep is probably the creepiest thing I ever did. Was planning to also finish shooting today, but the set design took all my energy. I did shoot though one good moment which might end up in the final cut. Will resume tomorrow!

Update #18 (May 25, 2021): Adrian Țofei has put together and published on his website a super comprehensive festival strategy for the movie! That’s an essential step forward for the production. Over 250 great festivals on the horizon!

Update #17 (May 20, 2021): We have a first teaser clip! Subscribe to Adrian Țofei’s YouTube channel and click the bell to get all notifications! More teasers coming up soon!