IndieWireThe 50 Best Indie Horror Movies to Stream Right Now / Top 15 Best Found Footage Movies – “A sublimely meta hidden gem that is nothing short of a nonstop nightmare, a chilling character study and a dazzling debut for Tofei.”

BlumhouseA New Wave of Intelligent Found Footage: 5 Films You Need to See – “Adrian scared the shit out of me, often entering the realm of paralyzing. If you think that’s a joke, give the film a look and tell me the chloroform sequence doesn’t send a wave of shivers racing down your spine.”

Dread Central Top 5 Best Horror Movies of 2016 / The Found Footage Flicks that Will Restore Your Belief in Found Footage4 stars review / 7 Freaky Found Footage Movies from Around the World Be My Cat takes meta-filmmaking to mind-bending levels and plays out like an arthouse snuff film. Simply calling it unique is an understatement. What we have here is potentially revolutionary and, like the most impactful examples of uncompromising art, potentially dangerous. The line between fact and fiction has never been so terrifyingly and brilliantly blurred.”

Austin ChronicleBizarre Romanian horror brings insane spark to found footage (fresh Rotten Tomatoes review) – “It’s precisely because it feels so real that it feels so stomach-droppingly plausible: The mundanity makes it all the more terrifying. A jaw-dropping character study of a murderer, made all the more grueling and transfixing because of Țofei’s performance. Adrian (the character) is as unlikely a killer as Norman Bates, but that’s what makes him so terrifying. This is emotional extreme horror, but you won’t be able to look away. Adrian Țofei’s pointed decision to avoid overt gore, instead concentrating on the interactions, makes the film something akin to a modern Peeping Tom.”

Little White LiesDiscover the stomach-turning horrors of this Anne Hathaway baiting thriller (fresh Rotten Tomatoes review) – “Be My Cat: A Film for Anne is a prime example of meta-cinema, endlessly blurring the line between behind-the-scenes reality and onscreen fantasy, between documentary and fiction, while also repeatedly commenting on the process of its own making. The results are an unnerving study in cinephilia and erotomania, falling somewhere between Rémy Belvaux’s Man Bites Dog and Patrick Brice’s Creep.

Slash/FilmThe 25 Scariest Found Footage Horror Movies – “Be My Cat is insidiously terrifying and Țofei is magnetic on screen. Even as Adrian’s world grows darker and more unhinged, you can’t avert your eyes.”

Paste MagazineThe 35 Best Found Footage Horror Movies – “A daring and effective example of meta-cinema, as Tofei plays a terrifyingly convincing murderer living with his mother, played by his actual mother. A deeply troubled, sheltered man whose misogyny and perversion combine to create a portrait of passion and obsession, one that is both terrifying yet deeply fascinating.”

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Jed Shepherd (co-writer of Shudder hit Host) – Jed Talks – “When it comes to underrated/under-appreciated horror movies that are actually very good, few have been more overlooked than the new found footage classic Be My Cat: A Film for Anne. I consider myself a found footage connoisseur and even I didn’t know this little gem existed. Written/Directed/Created by Romanian auteur Adrian Tofei, this is the closest I’ve ever been to thinking I’m watching an actual snuff film. The line between fiction and reality is so effectively blurred, I was watching my front door for a SWAT team to burst through and taser me for watching something I shouldn’t.”

Artsploitation – “The movie’s strength is its originality in creating a very real world and Adrian Țofei in the lead as the most believable movie psychopath since Norman Bates!”

A Night of Horror festival review – “The most revolutionary addition to the found footage genre since The Blair Witch Project and infinitely more convincing and frightening.”

28 Days Later Analysis – Be My Cat Takes a Swipe at Hollywood in this Disturbing Found Footage Masterpiece – “The authenticity comes from exceptionally strong performances by an excellent cast. Sonia Teodoriu, Florentina Hariton, Alexandra Stroe and Adrian Țofei are so convincing that, at times, it’s uncomfortable to watch.”

Audiences Everywhere The 50 Best Horror Movies of the 2000s / Top 10 Best Horror Films of 2015 / Be My Cat: A Film for Anne is Dangerous and Progressive – “The film is fascinating, challenging and essential for the evolution of found footage horror. Adrian Țofei is an excitingly dangerous filmmaker and we should all be eager and a little afraid to see what he does next.”

Found Footage Critic Top 5 Found Footage Films of 20169.7/10 review  – “A near perfect horror/thriller found footage film that sets itself apart in acting, cinematography, plot, tone, execution and production value. Found footage fan or not, this is a film you won’t want to miss! The acting of Adrian Țofei and the three supporting cast, Sonia Teodoriu, Florentina Hariton and Alexandra Stroe, is nothing short of exceptional, resulting in a genuineness that I have yet to encounter in any other found footage film to date.”

The Cheat SheetTop 25 Low-Budget Horror Movies that Kick Ass – “Be My Cat is wholly disturbing – especially if you are Anne Hathaway. Intimate, raw, and real. Watch it, if you dare!”

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Horror Freak NewsTop 15 Best Horror Movies of 2016 / Top 15 Incredible Recent Horror Movies You Probably Missed – “[Be My Cat] always makes my personal list of the most disturbing films ever made. In my opinion, the line between fiction and reality has never been more skillfully (and terrifyingly) blurred. I genuinely felt concern for the actresses in the film; I kept telling myself ‘It’s only a movie’ but there’s an unshakable authenticity to Be My Cat that all disbelief is eradicated. Adrian Tofei excels as one of the most convincing movie psychopaths since Norman Bates.”

Addicted to Horror MoviesThe 16 Best Horror Films of 2016 / The 50 Greatest Found Footage Movies in Existence / ‘Be My Cat: A Film for Anne’ Is a Rare Original Horror Movie (4.5 stars review) – “This is the rare original horror film that fans scream for. If you’re here, and you’re a horror nut like most of us, this should only beg the question: Why the hell have I not seen this movie?”

Mondo Exploito – 4.5 stars review  – “This is a film that totally transcends the trappings of the found footage sub-genre to create a truly unique experience that will be talked about for years to come. Adrian Țofei’s performance is incredible. He swings from jovial goof to unsettling sicko – at once terrifying and oddly charming. His three victims are also wonderful. Sonia Teodoriu, Florentina Hariton and Alexandra Stroe are all shockingly good and there is not one false moment in their screen time.”

Dark Universe‘Be My Cat: A Film For Anne’ Gets into Your Psyche and Plays With Your Mind – “An adorably disturbing found footage film, probably the most well received movie you will find of my ‘disturbing movies’ reviews.”

Film Inquiry – Close To Purr-Fect Found-Footage Satire (fresh Rotten Tomatoes review) – “With so many layers of meta commentary blurring the lines between reality and film, Be My Cat is an enjoyably oddball watch, more memorable and far more interesting than the majority of the found footage genre.”

Eye For Filmfresh Rotten Tomatoes review – “Be My Cat looks as rough as it should and is more effective for it. It makes a curious calling card, but it’s not the kind of film that those unfamiliar with this underground subgenre are likely to forget. This little kitty has claws.”

Father Son Holly Gore – 4 stars review (fresh Rotten Tomatoes review) – “Can’t recommend this film enough! Tofei has done something here that’s on the verge of greatness.”

PopHorrorTop 5 Must-See Indie Horror Performances of the Decade / review – “I’ve seen my fair share of disturbing films and yet nothing has ever made me feel like Be My Cat. While short on gore, this film quite frankly doesn’t need it. It relies on excellent performance to sell it and in that, Be My Cat excels. The film shook me to my very core and made me extremely uncomfortable. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. If you think you can handle Be My Cat, then give it a watch.”

The Movie SleuthTop 10 Indie Horror Picks of 2017 – “A brilliant character study and portrayal of a sociopathic individual that is on the same level of the characters featured in Psycho, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and Angst. With one of the most frightening and realistic psychopaths ever put to film, this highly disturbing piece of filmmaking has to be considered one of the very best and one of the most realistic found footage movies ever made.”

That Moment InTop 10 Independent Films of 20174.5 stars review – “The film is so strikingly authentic, it could serve as a model for study. Adrian Țofei succeeds in redefining the genre, or at least the possibilities, making what amounts to be the most legitimate use of found footage yet.”

Beyond the Void10 Great Found Footage Movies You May Have Never Seen – “This Romanian film is nothing short of exceptional, incredibly brutal and has a sick sense of humor that really ties every blood soaked scene together.”

An Englishwoman in Salem4 stars review – “I will say that this more than lives up to the WTFerry garnered by initial buzz. Even if you don’t believe me, this is likely to be one of the most unique horror movies you’ll ever have seen.”

ChillerPop – Around the World in 31 Days: Romania – “Be My Cat is well made and very compelling, and its implied gore is more shocking than anything you explicitly see in a standard Saw movie. Tofei understands the economy of a found footage movie, and with only four actors (inlcuding himself) and a small budget he created a story about obsession, delusion and cinema itself. It’s reminiscent of Mark Duplass’s Creep series, but I think Be My Cat is the more important work.”

Lloyd Kaufman & Troma – “A new masterpiece in horror!

CinehouseA Terrifying Romanian Horror Film – “What Adrian Țofei has done here is nothing short of a nasty little cinematic miracle, the ultimate common-or-garden-psychopath-stalking-a-celebrity-female film. He created a found-footage film that’s so real, you’re actually left wondering if what you’re watching actually is real. His acting is so natural and just so goddamned good, it’s like we’re seeing fact, not fiction, on the screen in front of us.”

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Cinema Slasher – review – “Be My Cat is an impressive debut for Adrian Țofei and puts his name firmly on the list of upcoming filmmakers to keep an eye out for. He also feels so frighteningly natural as the character that it’s almost as if he isn’t acting at all. It’s an incredible performance that honestly carries the film.”

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Reel Bloody Reviews – Bob’s Review (for the 109 min cut) – “I was blown away!  It seemed so real and that is a testament to the directing and acting. Adrian Țofei’s performance was second to none and that is true for all three females, Sonia Teodoriu, Florentina Hariton and Alexandra Stroe.”

Flickering Mythreview – “Adrian Țofei’s acting is excellent throughout. He is terrifying to watch, keeping you on your toes throughout, constantly guessing as to what he’ll try next. Easily one of the creepiest performances I’ve seen in quite some time, only growing more disturbing as the film progresses.”

The Movie Waffler4 stars review – “A great addition to the found footage genre! Effective and unique, it stayed with me for quite some time after I saw it. Whatever Tofei chooses to make next, I will be watching out for it.”

Ready Steady CutTop 10 Contemporary Found Footage Films / 4 stars review – “In essence, this is a strikingly original, memorable and tense film. I want to watch it again now. And I hope Anne gets to see it too.”

Horror Screams Video Vault4 stars review – “An incredibly enjoyable film!”

Cleveland Movie Blog – 3/4 stars review – “Perhaps technically one of the most convincing found footage movies in years, the film has a genuinely frightening, snuff-like quality, reminiscent of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

The Rotting Zombie3.5 stars review – “Be My Cat is a fantastic found footage film, with some fantastic acting, even better than Creep!

13th Floor3.5 stars review – “Every actress playing victim in Be My Cat did so to such a convincing degree that we were left feeling a touch of concern, but it was Adrian Tofei’s authentic performance that sent us over the edge, spiraling down a quick decent into inescapable madness. I couldn’t help but feel some concern for Anne Hathaway’s well being. Saying Adrian Tofei’s character is powerfully convincing is an understatement; he is the driving force and spirit of the film.”

The Overlook Theatre3.5 stars review – “Easily the best cast in any found footage movie I’ve seen! Be My Cat is a true found footage treasure.”

Wicked HorrorFive of the Best Horror Films You’ve Never Seen – “The anticipation of what Adrian will do next, keeps you gripped to the edge of your seat, as this unique character study unearths the horrors of mental illness in an intriguing and intelligent manner.”

Horrorview – review – “The sense of realism is really unnerving. I knew coming in that this film wasn’t real, but I felt quite uncomfortable still.”

Severed Cinemareview from TetroVideo – “Be My Cat: A Film for Anne is expertly acted. Adrian and the three actresses pull off amazing performances, that are so genuine, this found footage film seems very real. This is horror’s answer to the Dogma 95 filmmaking ideals.”

Grimoire of HorrorBe My Cat Review – “I can say in all honesty, this is one of the best films I have seen in 2021. Possibly one of the most engrossing found footage films since The Blair Witch Project, I cannot recommend it enough.”

Hunter Waynefan review – “One of my friends almost called the cops cause he just couldn’t figure it out whether or not Be My Cat was actual footage with these fucked up things happening! No other thing I’ve seen had that sort of effect!”

Certified ForgottenBe My Cat: A Film for Anne Is Peak Found Footage

The Horror RevolutionTop 10 Found Footage – “This movie rocked my world. It went from a movie I had never heard of to a movie I had to own in about two hours.”

Juli NorwoodLetterboxd review – “Be My Cat has breathed new life into found footage films! Ground-breaking cinema that in my opinion surpassed the holy grail of found footage films – The Blair Witch Project! It didn’t blur the lines between fantasy and reality, it obliterated them! I was shaken to my very core for the film felt too authentic! Too intimate! At times it was more than I thought I could bear! One of the MOST disturbing films I’ve ever encountered! I put myself through this hell twice in the past 24 hours, and foolishly enough I’m considering giving it another go this evening!”

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